About Us

Intelligent Globular Trading Company is a private company located in Europe (Head Office in Finland), which belongs to a Group Company (In Middle East) with more than fifth and half decades of working as a supplier, producer, and exporter. Due to making a suitable access between suppliers and buyers, we have established branches in different countries such as Finland, Germany, Middle East Countries, etc.

While Iran is well-known as one of the most critical different kinds of Iranian pistachios and other dry nuts, dry fruits and Saffron centers, So we export high quality and tasty pistachios products, dry fruits and Saffron sorted and in large quantity with modernization methods all over the world and this makes different us from other competitors.

In these years, we could train our qualified staff constantly to provide superior quality of pistachios, dry figs, saffron, barberry and raisin at a very competitive and reasonable price to our customers. One of the Intelligent Globular Trading Company other important core competencies is our direct supply from our orchards and production. Consequently, customers’ satisfaction was enhanced and we have a lot of loyal customers. This company carries on the tradition of innovation and professional products.

We would like to expand our market with unique corporate values.