To keep your body healthy and increase your sexual potency, you need salt-free dried (skinless) unpeeled pistachios as much as one cup and the same amount of natural animal honey. Buy high quality honey. Mix honey and pistachios. Then apply to the blender and pour into a wide-mouthed mouthful, this mixture should be firm. Put the glass in the sun for a week without covering. The best month to make this mix is ​​summer. This elixir is ready in a week.

Eat two tablespoons of this elixir with a few tablespoons of yogurt every morning.

Be confident and positive about the reaction and results of this elixir.

Add pistachios to your diet.

We recommend that you eat a handful of dried, unsalted, pistachio-free pistachios between meals each day. This diet will not only increase your sexual potency, but also ensure the health of your heart. Another nutritional suggestion is to add pistachio kernels to a low-fat salad or pickled cheese and eat it with grapes (in the season when the grapes are found).

Occasionally, if available at your place of residence, eat Turkish fruit sweets and the East-Middle region that contains pistachios. Even with sugar, you can achieve a positive effect of pistachios on blood cholesterol. The results of a study in the animal phase showed that the hydroalcoholic extract of pistachio gum has a positive effect on facilitating the process of drowsiness, anti-anxiety effect and muscle relaxation. Professor of Pharmacodynamics and Toxicology of the Research Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences and School of Pharmacy, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, has studied the effects of intraperitoneal injection of pistachio gum hydroalcoholic extract on muscle relaxation, sleep and anxiety in Syrian mice.

In this study, the effect of pistachio gum on motor balance and muscle relaxation was investigated by two methods of rotating rod and barfex, 30 and 60 minutes after injection of materials. In the drowsiness test, the time to start sleeping and the time to sleep was 30 minutes after the injection of extracts and substances by pentobarbital injection. The mice’s motor behaviors were tested by open box testing and the anti-anxiety effect of the maze method, plus 30 minutes after injection.

The findings show that pistachio gum in doses of 11 and 0.5-0.25 g / kg significantly had a hypnotic effect (increasing during sleep at all doses and decreasing the time to start sleeping at a dose of 1 g / kg), the effect Anxiety in the Maze test plus muscle relaxation (in the Barfex test at a dose of 1 g / kg) and decreased motor activity with all doses. The results of this study suggest that pistachio gum hydroalcoholic extract has a good effect on facilitating the process of drowsiness, anti-anxiety effect and muscle relaxation, which may be effective in reducing muscle contractile disorders, insomnia and anxiety.

Despite its small size, pistachio, a permanent member of nuts, is rich in useful and nutritious resources for human health. In the following, we will examine the beneficial and medicinal properties of this fruit along with its harms.

Pistachio is one of the important and constant members of Iranian nuts, whose potassium content is equal to potassium orange in this small size and is very important due to its nutritional value. Kerman province and Rafsanjan city are the main centers of pistachio production in Iran.