The following sources are available for 100 grams of pistachio kernels:

15 grams of starch

2.5 grams of water

20 grams of protein

Fatty ingredients 54 g

Calcium 130 mg

Phosphorus 500 mg

Iron 7.5 mg

Potassium 950 mg

Vitamin A 230 units

Vitamin B1 0.7 mg

Vitamin B3 1.5 mg

Medicinal properties of pistachio

Consumption of pistachios has a great effect on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It is also useful for calming and regulating the heart rate and calming the nerves, and reduces bad cholesterol.

 – Pistachio kernels are due to having hematopoietic iron, and those with anemia must eat some pistachios daily.

 – Eating pistachios strengthens sexual power.

 – Strengthens the brain and mind.

 – It is useful for calming the heart and calming the nerves.

 – Pistachios are recommended for opening the liver ducts.

 – Pistachio strengthens the stomach.

 – It is useful for relieving cough.

 – Treats common diarrhea and dysentery.

 – Pistachio tree bark decoction is useful for relieving itching of the female genitals.

 – Decoction of pistachio bark and leaves is useful for relieving anal pain and itching.

Because pistachios contain good nutrients and vitamins and are high in calories, it is recommended for athletes, students, adolescents, especially in adulthood, and for pregnant and lactating women.

If you continue to consume pistachios for a long time, you can hope for improvements in blood pressure during sleep, vascular response to anxiety and control of heart pressure.

Pistachios are warm and dry in nature and contain a lot of plant protein, rich starches and minerals such as potassium and magnesium, which meet many of the body’s needs.

– Some researchers believe that pistachio protein is so much that it can be considered as an alternative to meat and legumes. In addition, the zinc in it is very effective in the growth of cells and tissues in the body.

In addition, the presence of calcium and iron in pistachios has made this type of nuts play a very important role in strengthening bones and teeth, as well as treating diseases such as iron deficiency anemia.

Eating pistachios is also good for boosting memory and strengthening the mind, but since it is fattening, if you are on a diet, keep it in moderation.

– To eliminate the hot nature of pistachios – which causes hives or red skin grains. – It is better to eat it with apricot, peach or sour pomegranate leaves to neutralize its heat a bit.

Unlike pistachio itself, its skin is cold and dry, and its consumption is recommended to strengthen the stomach and heart. It also relieves diarrhea.

In addition, to freshen your mouth and strengthen your gums, you can chew fresh pistachio skin and keep it in your mouth for a while.