Properties of green skin and pistachio oil

– To strengthen the gums, apply it on the gums or chew.

– To get rid of hiccups, brew pistachio green skin and drink a cup of it.

– The best medicine is to eliminate bad breath.

– Chewing it heals wounds inside the mouth.

– Infused green pistachio skin eliminates heartburn and vomiting.

– It is useful for diarrhea.

Properties of pistachio white skin

White pistachio skin is useful for hemorrhoids and anal protrusion. To treat this disease, you need to boil the white skin of the pistachio in water and pour it into the pelvis and put the person in the pain for a few minutes. It relieves pain and relieves disease.

Pistachio oil

From pistachio kernel extract, clear and yellow oil is obtained, which has nutritional and therapeutic properties.

Pistachio oil is a desirable moisturizer and is quickly absorbed and does not create a sticky state, and is a good option for face and body massage. Its omega-6 fatty acids eliminate the effects of surgical wounds, prevent wrinkles around the eyes and face, and, most importantly, make hair clear. Oral consumption of this oil has a therapeutic aspect and its phosphorus increases intelligence and memory and its folic acid helps the growth and development of the fetal nervous system.