Quality pistachios

quality pistachios

Import and Export quality pistachios in Europe, Especially in Deutschland (Germany), Italy, Finland and France

Pistachio is one of the most important fixed nuts among Iranians. Also, pistachios have a lot of nutrients. The main pistachio centers of the country are Kerman province and Rafsanjan city. Four types of pistachios are mass-produced in the country, which are:

  • Pistachio Hazelnuts (Hazelnut pistachio is smaller than other pistachio items. This type of pistachio has a round, hazelnut-like appearance)
  • Pistachio kalle ghuchi (Medium-sized kale ghuchi pistachios are moderately smiling, and their stems turn dark red, and the color of their extractive shell is dull white.)
  • Pistachio Akbari (Akbari pistachio is one of the luxury and obvious pistachios of Iran and the world and has a long and beautiful appearance and is very tasty)
  • Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei (Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is in fact one of the most delicious and delicious pistachio cultivars that has the first word in Iran and the world. This stretched and beautiful pistachio is suitable for preparing pistachio slices.)

In Importing and online sales Iranian nuts, Intelligent Globular Trading Company (INGT) hat all of these models .

With our online sales pistachio tree in Europe(Deutschland,Germany,Italy,Finland and France) Most people in Europa can like Iranian consume fresh pistachios raw or dried fruit. In order for the pistachio to taste better, it is roasted with lemon juice and salt to make salted pistachios.

From the pistachio kernel, clear and yellow oil is obtained, which has many properties, and the following can be mentioned:

  • Pistachio kernel oil is a good moisturizer and is quickly absorbed by the skin.
    • This oil is suitable for face and body massage. Omega-6 fatty acids
    • Eliminate those wounds caused by surgery, eliminate wrinkles around the eyes and make hair clear.
    • Its phosphorus boosts intelligence and memory, and its folic acid helps the fetus’ nervous system to grow and develop

INGT’s Importing-online sales Iranian Pistachio nuts has enabled Europeans peopleto benefit from all of these properties .